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I’m doing the Seattle AIDS walk and would love some support. Please donate anything you can to this great cause

I know I never post to this blog anymore, but can you guys please donate to this great cause?

I tried, I really tried

I just don’t have interest in this blog anymore

But you can all still follow me at knitty-mckitterson. It started out as a knitting blog, but is slowly morphing into a knitting/personal blog.


a VERY important chart, this is.

Who the hell is that to the right of Kida???


It’s no secret that the Geyser of Awesome loves a good sweater, particularly when they’re impressively ugly and/or being worn by cute animals. We’ve seen sweaters on Shetland ponies, cats, pugs, turtles, mini pigs, lambs and even snakes. There was also that unforgettably upsetting clown sweater worn by wilwheaton, but let’s try to stay on track.

Let’s talk about penguins, penguins that don’t just look cute in little sweaters, but who desperately need them to help recover from the potentially lethal affects of oil pollution. When their feathers become coated with oil, penguins lose their ability to keep warm. And when they try to preen their dirty feathers they end up ingesting the toxic oil. As a result oiled penguins frequently die from exposure and starvation. The Penguin Foundation at Phillip Island Nature Parks in Victoria, Australia takes in oiled penguins and uses knitted sweaters to keep the birds warm and prevent them from preening until their feathers can be properly cleaned.

And you can help them.

If you’re a knitter you can download the penguin sweater pattern here and send in sweaters. But wait, if you aren’t a knitter but still want to help, you can support the foundation by clicking here to donate or adopt a penguin. Put a penguin in a sweater and you’ve not only made the world a cuter place, you’ve also helped save a penguin.

Click here to learn more about the Penguin Foundation and their awesomely good work.

[via Fashionably Geek]

They now have so many sweaters that they are being sold in gift shops as souvenirs and not helping penguins. Please do not seems them more sweaters!

I may have gotten really bored and turned my dog into the Avatar

I may have gotten really bored and turned my dog into the Avatar

  • Mum: Why are you crying?
  • Me: Oh, a TV show.
  • Me: Oh, a book.
  • Me: Oh, a movie.
  • Me: Oh, a fanfiction.
  • Me: Oh, a fandom.
  • Me: Oh, a tumblr post.
  • Me: Oh, a song.
  • Mum: Do you ever cry about real things?


nah, you know what? i feel like theres pictures of celebrities which are okay to share with the masses, like candids and pictures of them taken by photographers which they are obviously comfortable with having taken of them but when you find a picture of your favourite celebrity (through whatever source) that might as well be a holiday photo taken by one of their family members maybe dont exploit it just for the sake of providing unseen material bc that feels kinda creepy






When not to sing Let It Go…


That is not what I was expecting…..


is it bad that i started laughing almost immediately?